MY NAME IS GREGORY DEUBLE, and I grew up in Toowoomba,"the Garden City" in  Queensland, Australia. I prefer to be called Greg, because I only heard  "Gregory" when I was in trouble!  

My  father died in a car accident when I was but a child of 4 years.   My mother was widowed at 26 years of age and my young brother was just  2 years of age.  Our world was devastated by this tragedy that naturally  also rocked my extended family and, indeed the whole district.  

However,  there was  one outcome that I am forever grateful for.  My mother threw  herself upon the God of the Bible.  He has never let go!  There  never was a day when mum would not sit down with the two of us boys,  and after breakfast before going to school, she would read a Bible story  and we would pray to the God of Heaven.  Every Sunday we would go the  local Churches of Christ congregation where we heard great Bible  teaching based on the wonderful principles of the Churches of Christ.  

It  is these non-denominational principles I bring to this web site. Let me  briefly explain these to you.  In the very early 1800's sectarian and  denominational divisions in the Church were rife (nothing much has  changed these days!).  As a reaction there evolved a spontaneous 'lay'  or people's movement to get rid of all man-made creeds and  proscriptions.   The people wanted to just get back to the Bible and  break down the fences that kept the Body of Christ from the unity that  Jesus himself prayed for (John 17:11).  

Certain  great catch-phrases captured their vision: "No creed but Christ."  "No  book but the Bible."  "Where the Bible speaks, we speak, and where the  Bible is silent we are silent."  "In essentials, unity; in  non-essentials, liberty; and in all things love." "We are Christians  only, but not the only Christians." 

Yes, I am forever thankful for my Christian heritage. 

AS I HAVE MENTIONED, I am very thankful for my CHURCHES OF CHRIST upbringing.  

The first principal of our Churches  of Christ Theological College in Brisbane captures the original vision well.  James Jauncey wrote:             

"Churches of Christ do not insist upon the infallibility of any particular interpretation of Scripture.  Of course, we have our share of egotists too, who blast those who disagree with them, but we are all ashamed when this happens.  The great principle is: 'Where the Bible speaks, we speak.  Where the Bible is silent, we are silent.'  This means that if a point of view cannot be expressed unequivocally in the actual words of Scripture, we never regard it as obligatory in any sense.  It is just that:  a point of view."

​Unfortunately, like every other well-meaning Bible movement, after time the original position of our fore-fathers has been dropped, and Churches of Christ are no longer non-denominational and are introducing their man-made creeds.  This does not mean that I no longer worship in my local Churches of Christ congregation.  I do.  There are still many fine and loyal folk who adhere to the desire just to listen to and follow the words and teachings of Jesus and his apostles.  However, I am not a member of the local congregation because I refuse to sign their novel denominational statements.  

So, I bring this website to you, with no official 'denominational' affiliation.  The only thing I bring is my unshaken faith that  the Scriptures are indeed God's inspired revelation to us and "are able to make us wise unto salvation" (2 Timothy 3:16).  When any dispute or question came before Jesus, he would settle it by saying, "It is written."  He knew the old prophet's word, "To the law and to the testimony! If they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them" (Is. 8:20). To use the great Protestant catch-cry, "Sola Scriptura!"

I want you to hold me to task.  Weigh everything I share here and judge it by a fair reading of the holy Scriptures.  I work on the beautifully simple idea that God speaks to us in words that are intelligent and rational and meant to be understood, and of course, obeyed. What He wants us to know He communicates clearly and intelligently.  What He does not want us to know He has not revealed in the Bible. That is for the realm of speculation and metaphysics. So, together let us hear Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  May God be glorified as we journey together. And may our faith and obedience to Him rest alone on His eternal word that abides forever.​