Thinking he had finished browsing through the large Christian bookstore, the elderly gentleman was about to walk out the door.  This man has been a pastor for over 50 years in the evangelical and Protestant tradition and has conducted evangelistic missions around the world and at home in Australia all these decades.  He has himself authored a number of best-selling Christian books.  Little did he know this day was going to be one of those life-defining days that now and again "happen" in everybody's lives.  

As he was leaving the store his eyes suddenly glanced upon what was later discovered was the very last copy of They Never Told Me This In Church! ​(This large Christian book chain was about to ban my book, but more on this soon.)  Anyway, the Spirit of God spoke directly to his heart that he must buy the book.  He obeyed the leading of the Spirit.  The rest is history as they say.  The pastor's whole Biblical paradigm radically shifted as he read the truths contained in these pages.  He has been liberated to see the simple, unifying truth that the God of the Bible is One and not an unexplainable mysterious Three-in-One, and that Jesus is His uniquely begotten Son.  He now shakes his head, like all of us who once were the victims of unexamined tradition, and wonders how for so long he had it wrong.  He now rejoices in the "new eyes" God our Father has been pleased to grant all who will come to His Scripture with a teachable spirit, an honest mind, the real prayer that He lead us to Himself and away from deception, and the commitment to obey Him no matter what the cost.

It was the Lord Jesus Himself who said, "But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness" (Matt. 6:23) --- which is to say, If your paradigm is wrong, your understanding will be dark.  Your head will be befuddled, and your heart heavy.  World-view determines our personal joy and fulfilment.  And what is true of the individual is equally true of the body which we know as Christianity...   [From the Introduction to Revised and Updated Second Edition.]

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From the back cover ...

There is a consensus among many New Testament scholars that much of what the historical Jesus and his apostles taught has been submerged by an influx of post-biblical tradition.  Subtle foreign influences, mostly from pagan Greek philosophy, which neither Jesus nor his first-century followers would recognise or endorse, have obscured the original Gospel as Jesus preached it.  Most churchgoers accept without question, unbiblical traditions which they never seriously investigated.  In They Never Told Me This in Church!  Greg Deuble invites the reader to a careful re-examination of "the faith once delivered"  in  the light of the Hebrew heritage which formed the framework of all that Jesus taught in regard to himself and his Gospel mission.

From the Foreword: "This does not mean at all that Greg has given up faith in holy Scripture.  Far from it.  There is nothing trendy or gimmicky in his approach.  Rather, he has learned to read the Bible from its own Hebrew perspective, and shedding a large quantity of traditional baggage has made the Bible all the more brilliant and telling.  Because he is an honest student of truth, Greg has been rewarded ... with unusual insight.  He has a knack of getting at the heart of the issues.  He has brought in a wealth of modern scholarly support for his argument, and the quotations gleaned from his wide reading are impressive.  he adds a pleasing dose of Aussie humour to his writing while he invites us to re-examine all the major issues of biblical theology.  The personal warmth of the author and his pastoral touch are evident in all he writes."

They Never Told Me This in Church!  will inspire and challenge all who claim devotion to Jesus, and many who are searching for the meaning of his role in history.  They will be enabled to read the Bible with new eyes!  The confused state of divided Christendom in our time demands just such an honest and radical investigation.

Greg Deuble was born in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia

He graduated from the Churches of Christ New South Wales Bible College in Sydney and has had pastoral ministries in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.  Greg has conducted many evangelistic meetings in a wide variety of settings in most Australian States.  Greg has also worked as an Advanced Care Ambulance Paramedic for almost 30 years.  He currently lives on the Sunshine Coast, and is married with two sons, two daughters, and seven grandchildren.